Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

Jack Canfield of “The Success Principles” and “Chicken Soup for The Soul” fame writes about taking 100% responsibility for your life.  He illustrates it in his book “The Success Principles” with the formula below:

E   +  R   =   O

E is the Event that happens to us.  We have no control over these things.

R is our Response to the Event.

O are our Outcomes or results in life.

Let’s use an example:  The Event is you getting stuck in the traffic and running late for a meeting and getting really frustrated.  Then a vehicle cuts you off and your Response is: you just lose it!  “Stupid xxxx driver, hoot, hoot” etc.  All the driver does is stick a finger out the window at you, he goes on his way and has a fine day, and your Outcome is you have a bad day.  Why, because “that driver made me mad”.

The driver did NOT make you mad.  You made yourself mad by reacting the way that you did.  The correct way to handle it is to just go on your way and have a good day, because you decided to.  We can choose how we react to the things that happen to us.  Most people choose disempowering ways to react.

Another example: Let’s say you win R10 000 on the local Lottery.  The Response is to go down to the coast for the weekend and blow the money.  The Outcome is that you are still broke.  Next time you win R10 000, the Response is to put the money into your investment portfolio.  The Outcome is that you have increased your net worth.  Same Event, different Response, totally a different Outcome.  Our Outcomes or results in life do not depend on what happens to us, but on how we Respond to what happens to us.  So, once again, Respond in ways that are empowering for you.

So to summarize, it is NOT the things that happen to us, our E’s, that cause our Outcomes in life.  It is how we React. We should rather Respond to the things that happen to us in ways that serve us well.

If you understand and apply this principle in your life, you will handle things much better.  In fact you could control all your emotions and your response to the things that cause you STRESS. And remember that stress causes illness and disease.  The World Health Organisation says that 80 to 90 percent of all illnesses are either directly or indirectly CAUSED BY STRESS. 

So, please remember that your lives are in your hands NOT in the hands of random people who “make you mad”!!

In a future article I will discuss techniques like the Sedona Method and using Afformations to help you let go of the things that cause you angst.

Jack Canfields book “The Success Principles” – how to get from where you are to where you want to be, is a great read.  You can google him and get his book.  Also try Exclusive Books.    

We should all be continually reading material that empowers us!

Until next time, be well and respond well to the things that happen to you!

Article: John Broome

Contributing Author

Contributing Author

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